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Getting Started


  1. npm install @pgtyped/cli @pgtyped/query typescript (TS is a required peer dependency)
  2. Create a PgTyped config.json file.
  3. Run npx pgtyped -w -c config.json to start PgTyped in watch mode.


PgTyped requires a config.json file to run, a basic config file looks like this:

"transforms": [
"mode": "sql",
"include": "**/*.sql",
"emitTemplate": "{{dir}}/{{name}}.queries.ts"
"srcDir": "./src/",
"failOnError": false,
"camelCaseColumnNames": false,
"db": {
"host": "db",
"user": "test",
"dbName": "test",
"password": "example"

Refer to the CLI page for more info on the config file, available CLI flags and environment variables.


If you are having trouble configuring PgTyped, you can refer to the example app for a preconfigured example.